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luxuries on street

 other than cool rides that have mostly been a male thing where men are viewed to treat automobiles as women and to a great extent most even tend to name them as if they were alive, in fact statistics show that  women are more likely to give up  a ride or even  destroy it without … Continue reading luxuries on street

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the art of misfortunes

sometimes the only way to acquire what you want is to resort to tricks. chaos tend to work almost all the time. To attain certain objectives specifically for selfish reasons its paramount to resort to it. A lot of people actually believe they are non-chaotic but its not true.in event of a demonstration or riot alot of people even those unrelated to the event want to join in because of the adrenaline rush that comes from it. so its easy to acquire anything under people's noses by bringing about chaos.

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distinction between partying and going to the gym is very obvious, one is fun while the other tends to be very cumbersome. with this respect it somehow difficult for people to keep a distinction between what they need and want there after ending up with the wrong choice so somehow even with my intend to try and give insights on hoe to actually manage this i'll require a lot of page writing