Itssomething that can’t be dismissed that most people don’t act rational when making decisions on what to consume or even expenditure. Infact it might be  correct to argue that decision makers only act rational when they are on the extreme”all they have is almost deleted”. Fashion being a major hindrance to rationality just like prefernces and individual tastes dorminating our choices it wpild be unwise to claim that you are a rational person as a consumer and spender.

Though throughout time we have seen economists,philosophers and great thinkers try to convince us of rational behaviour im not seeing it at work. Basically one can argue that greed and rational behaviour are one in the same basing this on human behaviour with regards to wealth.

  • Between different types of designs of cars with maybe similar features  yet different prices someone chooses that with attractive  make though expensive,as is the case with smartphones.
  • In this case we can argue that rationality is only but a theorical illusion.

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